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More of this. More of this.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

There may have not been a plot but it was funny

That was some pretty funny shit everything was jokes. I loved the crack baby joke the crazy car salesman the condoms and the no more babys I loved it all. Right when I saw it saw THE ADVENTURES OF EMOBOY well not right then but when EMOBOY said I'm so ALONE! I just started cracking up and from that point I knew this deserved a 5.

Graphics - Your drawings could be better though.

Style - Very original so you get your style points.

Sound- Could be better I found it scratchy sometimes.

Violence - That poor poor emoboy LOL.

Humour - Just funny as hell.

That was some pretty funny shit everything was jokes. I loved the crack baby joke the crazy car salesman the condoms and the no more babys I loved it all. Right when I saw it saw THE ADVENTURES OF EMOBOY well not right then but when EMOBOY said I'm so ALONE! I just started cracking up and from that point I knew this deserved a 5.

Blackman Dead Blackman Dead

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Graphics - The Graphics were Superb went very well with the poem.

Style - Deep.

Sound - I don't know why but I don't think your voice actor was black like it seemed like it but it just wasn't convincing enough because there were parts you could clearly tell it was a white person talking which kind of kills the movie a bit.

Violence - I have to give you points for that even though no violence was actual shown it was communicated very well with the hanging body, blood on hands, gun shots.

Overall -It's amazing to see what Newgrounds started out as and some of the content it has on it now amazing the change and variety Newgrounds exhibits. You sir have just brought that to a whole new level.

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The Great Eggscape 2 The Great Eggscape 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Don't know why this is rated so high...

The Graphics were terrible as if done by a total noob this is what my animations looked like a year ago actually your characters are very similiar to mine in a cartoon I did call cells but w.e
The style was terrible once again looked like it was done by a total noob.
The sound was excellent great sound effects and the music went with what was going on in the movie but, maybe you should have had some music in the credits.
The whole thing was violence so I have to give you props on that.
Interactivity that game at the beginning has glitches like not being able to watch the movie when it loads and when u click on it even when using the tab enter it doesn't register.
Humour I loved those little signs in the background they were hilarious.
overall You need to improve your graphics give it a bit of style and I'm pretty sure this thing would have a higher score not that it is already overated or anything ;)

TheDevilsJoker responds:

whats cells

Amature Invisibility: 1 Amature Invisibility: 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Flourish - what we just did.

RazorJam - Very good I loved the "stickman wtf?" It added some comedy to a sad song. I see you weren't able/didn't want to put in the Michael Jackson one I did but that's cool.

-JParodox- - Very nice frame by frame a more action song would have suited better but you were given that song and you did the best with it you could

Omnilurk - Your guy looked cool but the song started to loop over itself and it was the same thing over and over again to long maybe you just need more time.

Stereovisionary - Very nice showing how a few decisions can cause you to either flourish or finish.

X-Ray - OH WOW J00 OWN!!!!!1

OverAll - we flourished and now we are above amatuer or still their but w.e it's all good.

(2004) Dr.Bob:SavesTheDay (2004) Dr.Bob:SavesTheDay

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Finally... I Knox film I like!:D

Just because your Knox doesn't mean you have to submit Crap ... oh wait this isn't Crap ... It's the best thing ever!
Graphics 8-No more plain blue losers they have the whole shabang.

Style 9- Once again it's not just blue guys and actually has style now.

Sound 9- I think you fixed your microphone or my speakers improved.

Violence 8- People getting hit by cars should be violence but I found it hilarious.

Interactivity 1- Oh My God! A play and re-play button that's buttonisms at it's finest.

Humour 8- Cococola LMAO and you don't always die when you get hit by a ca- SMACK
Big improvment from the last time I reviewed one of your movies!

(2004) Legs the hamster (2004) Legs the hamster

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Just because your knox doesn't mean you have to submit crap ... oh wait, I guess it does...

Graphics - 0, Big blue clay stick people that's it...

Sound - 2, Get a better microphone :) Just a lil' advice.

Interactivity - That crappy replay button is the only thing interactive and even that looked terrible.

Style - You are one of the only Clay-mators on NG so, I got to give you points for that.

Violence - Not really violent but that Blue clay stick guy being biten and his head sliding off ( Didn't make sense)

Humour - That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen ... maybe funny to a 9 year old or anyone else extremely immature, so I guess it figures that quite a few NGers like this catastrophy of a cartoon.

Knox responds:

more like 30,000+ people..but a small amount of my fans are NGers..cause im everywere!

dice kid dice kid

Rated 4 / 5 stars

LOL that was jokes!

I play dice a lot and I'm so damn good (I'm so damn lucky!Is what I really mean.:)) but Rambo still hasn't come after me.
Great graphics,Hilarious and I never saw that coming.(Rambo stabbing the kid outta nowhere.)
Overall good animation hilarious, great short.

FrostedMonkeyFlakes responds:

SEE!!! some one likes it!!


blood test blood test

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'd go with numbers 3,4, and 5.

Very nicely done
Graphics -
Style -
I’ve seen blobs fly around and stuff before so it wasn’t that cool but still cool.
Sound -
I didn’t like the music but it went with the animation so I had to give a 5.
Violence -
Duh! Do I really have to say anything?
Interactivity -
Very interactive considering I have to pick which one I like best.
Humour -
Number five was kind of funny so I had to give you something for that.

Harry meets Dumbledore Harry meets Dumbledore

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i know ur song

Somtin bout john sucks john suck yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah jus thought everyone would want to know wht the song was sayin in the easter egg thingy

Dedicated To Reggie Dedicated To Reggie

Rated 5 / 5 stars


MY COUSIN GOT A CAT JUST LIKE THT DID U LOSE HIM OR DID HE DIE CAUSE MY COUSIN FOUND THIS CAT SO IT MIGHT BE YOURS THY PUT UP SIGHNS BUT NO ONE CLAIMED THE CAT SO YEAH W.e.bit pathetic but i know how u feel u jus wanted to vent the steem off i had 2 phish tht died one murdered one suicide went into the filter duno how such a big fish does tht but anyways umm because im sympathetic and thy way the cat waved and said goodbye and then disappeared (crys) ... its ... jus ... so ..* sniff* sad . i miss my fish i feel for u brother i feel for u

You-Fucking-Cunts responds:

I don't understand what you're talking about, Vladimir. But thanks for the 10. And no, the cat is not mine. Firstly I live in Greenwich England You live in ON CA (?). And secondly, as the movie says straight away and at the end of the movie as well, my cat died.